• Integration with web 2.0.
    • Integration of proprietary multimedia content within the same platform allows your company to manage images and videos, while keeping control over the content published in your portal.
    • Our solutions also allow you to integrate your platform with other portals and Internet applications, such as Flickr or YouTube –among other.
  • Our solutions are based on one of the applications most frequently used worldwide to build web portals.

    Drupal is an open-source software jointly developed by thousands of engineers and other experts around the world, which makes it possible for our company to keep up with new functionalities as well as to guarantee a continuous evolution of our platforms.

    • In order to guarantee the quality and performance of our multimedia platform, it is totally integrated with the cloud computing solution of Amazon WS.
    • Cloud computing allows for an unlimited use of server resources, storage and bandwidth, which makes it possible to adjust the service to the required demand and quality standards.