About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of seasoned professionals with an international background and experience in different business.
We understand both technology and business. Having worked in big companies and having suffered from the lack of tools to solve problems in different business units, we have a clear picture of a company’s needs, reason why specialize in integrating technology in business processes using the best available solutions in order to guarantee our users and customers an excellent performance in a cost-efficient way.
Because one size never fits everybody, we focus on vertical solutions that fit the different needs of every company opting for “freemium” models, where:

  • Some users have free access to general features and content, becoming part of a community and gaining the ability to generate content.
  • Whereas, other users or companies that have access to advanced features are charged for enjoying them. As the various features are added in modules, we can configure different price bands according to the features and tools desired.
How do we help companies?

Information technologies offer a unique opportunity to reach customers, since they provide new means to communicate. Internet has rapidly evolved in the last years as technology improved. In contrast to traditional web pages in the web 1.0., in which users were mere information receivers, the web 2.0. makes it possible for businesses to dynamically interact with customers sending information about promotions and other activities. Furthermore, individuals can interact with other individuals in their social network, which has a viral effect that
increases the possibilities of reaching many other potential customers.
The cost of acquiring new customers is higher than the cost of retaining existing ones, since what it really counts is the value that customers bring to the company while they do business with it. Cromatech's solutions fit diverse needs of every business, helping them to enhance the value customers report.

What we can do for your company?

Our solutions go beyond classical CRMs that enable companies to store demographic and commercial information about their customers. Besides counting with a data base, thanks to our solutions you will make
the most out of the social network generated around your business.
With Cromatech solutions you will be able to implement e-marketing solutions such as last generation customer loyalty programs to build a closer relation with your present customers or, reward programs for customers who help you reach to new ones through their social networks. Our solutions will assist you transforming into value the synergies created by the social networks generated around your business and, by improving communications with your customers and letting them communicate with other customers and friends, you will boost your profits.

How we can help your customers?

By helping your customers, you will help yourself. Give them a comprehensive service experience that stands out from the clutter and customers will come back satisfied again and again. The customers’
experience with your business does not begin when they enter your establishment, nor does it finish when they leave it. The customers’ experience starts long before they arrive and finishes long after they leave.
A customer’s experience begins from the very moment in which he or she plans a night out. Ever since information technologies got into our lives, most searches begin in the computer. Probably, this is the case for many of your potential customers. When they look for a good plan, they will be able to find your business, locate it in a map, check for promotions or activities, such as concerts or special events. They will also be able to subscribe to your site, so that you can update them and happy customers mean more sales.
In short, you will have more possibilities to attract people to your establishment every night of the week.

What added values do we create?
  • Cromatech creates customized solutions for every business.  
  • Cromatech offers you a unique loyalty tool at an exceptional
  • Cromatech assists you in enhancing communication with your
    customers through your own proprietary social network. 
  • Cromatech helps you create a unique experience for your
  • Cromatech offers platforms to integrate different services.
How are we different from other social media?

Whereas other social media have their own users and manage the information users post beyond the control of brand owners, with our solutions you will have control over your own information and user
profiles. Moreover, you will also be able to contact your customer directly, upload videos and images and let them interact with other customers to create buzz.
For example, you can send your customers an invitation to a concert encouraging them to bring their friends in exchange for a reward. Our solutions will not only enable you to upload videos and pictures of the concert, but also those who attended to share their pictures in your platform. This way the total experience of the concert will last in their memories increasing the chances of future business with both present and potential customers.